Paperback, 126 pages

In Meter-Wide Button, a jaded artist-in-residence roams the surface of an alien planet in the company of a team of virtual therapists provided to him through Universal Healthcare; a Midtown resident's bathroom conspires against her in her desperate quest for pleasure; a polyamorous kleptomaniac develops an obsession with organic food; and an aspiring teacher's employment at a school in the country devolves into a nightmare at the hands of an unexpected tormentor. Lillian Paige Walton's surreal, genre-bending debut responds to the absurdities of art and writing, wading through snakes and scaling tiled bathroom walls to reveal the hilarity and horror of everyday living.

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Praise for Meter-Wide Button:

β€œThere are authors I mention when attempting to describe Meter-Wide Button - Amina Cain, Leonora Carrington, Clarice Lispector – but ultimately, Walton's work is alone, a voice so distinct and exacting as to conjure a reverie whose tone cannot be matched by any living creature. I read a piece of hers and then wander my neighborhood, dazed, still dreaming of a blue tooth or an air conditioning unit or a single tube of orange lipstick. And though the pieces in Meter-Wide Button often horrify, I cannot help but feel soothed by an author who so acutely observes the exact moment when everything goes wrong. Loving and meticulous, terrifying and expansive, this book will echo long after it is set down.” BRIDGET BREWER

"The stories in Meter-Wide Button offer the reader a meditative, somnambulating experience. The atmospheres throughout can at first blush feel sticky and claustrophobic, and then just as quickly move us into limpid terrain. Like a flashlight pouring over a lonely diamond sitting at the bottom of a well." SEBASTIAN CASTILLO

β€œ[In] Meter Wide Button, humor emerges but also the cruelty of the normative world– a world where any small practice can become a societal meltdown and vibrance is suspicious. The writing is precise and dynamic. Walton creates a new way of witnessing the culture of chaos through a focused lens. This book offers a path to invigorate a deflated, controlled way of being.” – LA WARMAN

β€œThe settings have a weight of imagery as if they are being sculpted rather than described, the process of description and spatial arrangement acting as an end in itself rather than as an architecture for narrative. In part that's simply the nature of short stories, but the handling of setting feels considered like a good poem where every word is in its proper place.” – THE MANHATTAN ART REVIEW

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